4 Ways to Stay Healthy and Manage Burnout

4 Ways to Stay Healthy and Manage Burnout

Finding balance in life has never been easy. 

And over the last few months, this goal has become especially challenging for many of us. How is it possible to be productive, spend time with family, and prioritize health, rest and relaxation?

If you’ve been struggling to stay mentally and physically healthy and find yourself feeling overwhelmed, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

First, what is burnout? Typically it includes exhaustion, cynicism and loss of focus. Burnout can happen to anyone, and it has both physical and mental repercussions.

Here’s how to try to keep these challenges under control.

Say “No” When You Need To

Feeling low on energy? Choose one nonessential thing to skip today. This could be a Zoom call, cooking dinner, cleaning or working out. Take some time back for yourself.

Stick to Regular Work Hours

If you work from home, set clear guidelines for your work hours (including breaks) and try to stick to them. Remember, you don’t always need to be available to your colleagues and managers. Do you have vacation days saved up? Use them.

Consider Therapy

If you’re stressed to the point of burnout, consider professional therapy. A standing weekly appointment with a virtual therapist gives you time to think and reflect, but even a couple of check-ins can make a difference. Many insurance plans cover these services, so look over your plan details and explore your options.

Prioritize Your Health

When we’re burned out, we’re even less likely to take care of ourselves. Fatigue can make it hard to do anything, so take it moment by moment: Take a stretch break while listening to music, walk around the block, or drink a glass of water. 

Of course, it’s also important to talk to a health care professional about any new symptoms you’re experiencing and to take advantage of preventive care covered in your plan. 

Reach out today if you have questions about what’s included in your coverage.