Our Story

We understand how valuable your time is.  We investigate cash value life insurance policies and fixed income annuity options so you can make a decision about your financial future with confidence. Since we started, our goal is to help you find the best solution to meet your legacy planning needs in a fast and simple manner. We are an independent site and not affiliated with any insurers. See which cash value life insurance policies or annuities can provide you the most benefits without having to meet with a licensed life insurance agent in-person.  We provide you with options and you make the decision. That simple. Our experts are here for all of your life insurance and annuity needs.

A message from Sapna…

My name is Sapna Patel. When I first got started in the life insurance, I was trained by some of the smartest minds in this 175+ year old industry. Now our hand-picked network of licensed agents specialize in helping Americans plan for their legacy with the proper use of cash value life insurance and fixed annuities products. Our licensed agents can help clients all over the country find ways to maximize their legacy.

While most financial professionals are more than happy to provide you with investment tips and growth opportunities for your portfolio, few know how to actually protect your money to maximize the dollars you plan to leave behind.

Leveraging our expertise in finance and technology, we have developed a method of comparing different types of cash value life insurance policies and fixed annuities, and then narrowing down which – if any – are right for our clients, based on their specific goals and objectives.

Our network of licensed agents are able to work with clients throughout the United States. Through our advanced technology systems, not only can we meet “face-to-face” virtually online, but we can also share computer screens so that we are all on the “same page.” That way, you can see first-hand how various strategies may work for you and your specific goals.

We do our best to take the mystery out of how to find the best cash value life insurance or annuity options for you by answering some of the most commonly asked questions in a simple, personalized way. All of our meetings are conducted over the phone and virtually, which means you do not need to leave your home or have to visit any of our experts in an office.

Feel free to reach out if you are looking for cash value life insurance planning guidance and annuity recommendations to help you reach your personal goals.