Are you ready to get digitally organized?

Digital clutter can lead to lost productivity and misplaced files. But you can quickly and easily get organized during a few quiet evenings or lazy weekend afternoons. Ready to regain your focus, save time and stop stressing about security? Try these solutions. 

Problem: Your files aren’t backed up.

Solution: Start working in the cloud. Then, your files won’t be lost if your hard drive fails or your laptop gets stolen. Cloud files are unlikely to disappear because they’re backed up across multiple servers.

Problem: You keep forgetting passwords or you always use the same one. 

Solution: Use a password manager. This tool generates and stores hard-to-crack passwords across all your devices and logs you in securely to keep your accounts protected.

Problem: Your hard drive or cloud storage is full.

Solution: Don’t pay more every month for additional cloud storage. Instead, move old files to an external hard drive — the one-time cost will be cheaper in the long run. Delete large files, such as videos, and uninstall programs you don’t use.

Problem: Your inbox is out of space.

Solution: Unsubscribe from email lists that no longer interest you. You can also sort your saved messages from old to new or by sender to easily find and delete emails you don’t need.

Problem: Your photos aren’t organized.

Solution: Use a photo app that automatically categorizes pictures by date and lets you tag images for easy searching. While watching TV or listening to podcasts, delete your bad and so-so photos while sorting and favoriting the best.

Making just a few of these small changes will help keep your mind clear and your files safe.