4 Health Trends to Watch in 2020

4 Health Trends to Watch in 2020

Did you see anything new in 2019, either at your workout studio, at the grocery store or the doctor’s office? You probably did, and this year you can bet you’ll be hearing about even more health and wellness innovations. 

As 2020 begins, what types of food, exercise and health care trends should you expect to come across? Here are just a few to prepare for:

Remotely Healthy

It used to be that even for minor issues like ear infections or a sore throat, you still had to go to urgent care or to your doctor to be physically examined. Now, more health care providers are available through telehealth apps. This means you can have a “visit” with them via your phone — possibly saving you money, time and stress. 

CBD Products

CBD oil has been popular for a while and shows no signs of slowing down. This year you’ll probably see it used in skincare products, as an added ingredient to beverages like coffee, and available as a cream or lotion. CBD’s professed benefits include reducing anxiety, relieving chronic pain symptoms and helping people sleep. 

Going Digital

Many wellness services used to be strictly found in brick-and-mortar locations. Now, you can access many of them from your smartphone or via monthly memberships. This year may find you connecting to new exercise programs, meal planners, calorie counters and fitness coaches without ever leaving home.

Food Substitutes 

With the increased awareness of gluten intolerance and a desire to avoid carbs, the demand for non-wheat-based products has continued to grow. You can (probably pretty easily) find alternative flours made of coconut, quinoa, almond and more.  

As for protein, we’ve moved well beyond standard frozen veggie burgers. Expect to see plant-based fish and shrimp as well as more widely available meat substitutes that look and taste like meat. 

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