Should you take a staycation this year?

Sometimes work can feel like the most important thing in our lives. For the sake of your physical and mental health, however, it’s a good idea to step back and spend time on the other things that matter. Relationships, hobbies and rest are vital, too.

If you have vacation days you need to use but no desire or budget to plan a trip, here are a few ideas for how to enjoy your time off without leaving town.

Staycation Inspiration

Explore your city. We all have a local activity we’ve been wanting to get around to, whether it’s taking a cooking class, going on a hike, checking out a museum or trying a unique restaurant on the other side of town.

Elevate your space. Have you been meaning to tackle a fun (and not too complicated) DIY project? Refresh your home by painting an accent wall, reorganizing your living room or creating an inviting meditation corner.

Indulge your creativity. Instead of thinking about work, set aside some time to write Chapter 1 of your novel, try a new recipe or get out your art supplies.

Just relax for once. Start by turning off your phone and closing your laptop. Now, take a few hours to enjoy a movie marathon or read a novel (and don’t forget to have dinner delivered).

Rest for Success

Don’t feel guilty about taking time off. Devoting time to non-work activities on a regular basis can help prevent heart disease, improve your sleep and reduce depression and stress

Ready to recharge? A staycation could be a great way to enjoy spring break with your family, or you can plan one for later in the year when you know you’ll need a break.

What does your ideal staycation look like?