Take These Steps to Feel Less Stressed

Take These Steps to Feel Less Stressed

Do you feel stressed out more often than not? You’re not alone.

While some stress is healthy and a normal part of life, chronic stress can start to negatively affect your overall physical and mental well-being.

There’s no cure-all, of course, but if you’re looking for a few ways to improve your quality of life and feel better, start taking these simple steps today. 

Ready to make a positive change?

Keep Moving

Even a small amount of regular moderate exercise can help reduce your stress levels. Exercise releases feel-good chemicals in the body and may help you sleep better, too. 

Develop Coping Mechanisms 

Take some time to identify the major sources of stress in your life so you can learn targeted coping mechanisms. When you start to feel overwhelmed, take a moment to breathe deeply, pet your dog, take a walk, or do whatever helps you find some perspective.

Take Your Vacation Days 

If you’re lucky enough to have paid time off, don’t let your vacation days go unused. Not only can periodic breaks help you feel refreshed in the short-term, but you’ll also be in a better position to keep long-term burnout from setting in. 

Curb Stressful Habits

Do you drink a lot of coffee? Caffeine consumption can increase the effects of stress. Do you find yourself checking your phone dozens of times a day? News alerts and constant scrolling can add to your anxiety. Try to identify and eliminate (or at least decrease) the habits that hurt you more than they help you.

Talk to a Professional 

Most health care policies cover both mental and physical health. If you want to talk to someone, your doctor can probably offer tips or recommend a qualified mental health professional.

Have questions about your coverage or need a few more tips? Reach out anytime.