4 Actions to Take for Open Enrollment

4 Actions to Take for Open Enrollment

Life changes constantly. Maybe you welcomed a new baby into the family this year, you could be busy planning a wedding, or perhaps your son or daughter started college a few weeks ago.

Even if your routine has stayed pretty steady lately, one thing unites us all: the need for health care. 

Just in time for open enrollment season, here’s how to make sure you’re prepared to make the right health care choices for 2020:

First Steps

Before you make your selections, you’ll need to gather your family’s identification information. If you have an employer-based policy, contact your human resource department for insight into when you’ll gain access to plan options.

Look Back Before You Look Forward

Take a moment to review your claims from the last few months. Did you meet your deductible early on? Perhaps you spent too much on out-of-pocket prescription medications. Did you need to see an out-of-network doctor? Your past costs can help you make the right decisions for the year to come.

Identify Any New Needs

While it’s impossible to be exact, do your best to anticipate any additional future needs. Depending on your situation, it may be time to consider more extensive coverage. If you’re buying your own health insurance, consider adding vision and dental insurance. 

Don’t Wait to Schedule a Meeting

Schedule a meeting now to talk about coverage and carrier options as well as costs. Why wait when you can check this important item off your list?

Let’s talk soon. Reach out today if you have any questions about how to get the right coverage for your needs.